Smoking during your pregnancy

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Smoking during your pregnancy

Smoking whilst you are pregnant is a significant health concern, especially since 20% to 30% of pregnant mothers smoke. Fortunately, many women quit during pregnancy or at least reduce how much they smoke.
Smoking during pregnancy harms also mother’s and of course the unborn baby’s health, and that can really be fatal to the baby. Several of the complications that cigarette smoking can cause during pregnancy include:
decreased fetal growth-low birth weight miscarriage placental abruption (the separation of the placenta, which nourishes the growing baby, out of your uterus wall)premature birthstill birthsudden infant death syndrome (more than 18% of most deaths from SIDS are result from maternal tobacco use)Mothers who smoke while pregnant may experience reproduction-related effects, such as low estrogen levels (this can result in early menopause) and infertility.

How does smoking affect unborn and newborn babies?Mothers who smoke while pregnant are exposing their unborn baby to nicotine (a highly addictive substance), co2, and large number of other chemicals (including cancer-causing agents) that may discovered tobacco. With each puff of a cigarette, these toxic chemicals negotiate the mother’s blood, cross across the placenta, and enter the baby’s body. When an unborn baby is exposed to nicotine, their heart rate increases and they begin breathing at a faster rate.
Women who smoke while pregnant have an upper chance of miscarriage or serious birth complications. Complications to the baby which can occur include:
higher risk of death at or soon after birth-high risk of getting infections or having other health problems slowed growth of the fetussmaller size at birth (the median amount that, 150-200 grams fewer than babies born to non-smokers)After a baby is born, mothers who smoke while breast-feeding is still able to expose their baby to harmful chemicals through breast milk. Mothers must not nurse their baby while smoking or once you.
The effects of second-hand smoke exposure during and after pregnancy can even cause long-term problems for children. Later in life, children of mothers who smoke usually tend to have:
asthmachanges in behaviour impaired learning a nighttime coughrespiratory infections lower growth If you might be pregnant and smoke, speak with your doctor about techniques you can scale down or quit. Your teeth as well will certainly be thankful you certainly did.

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